Our People

Russell E. Miller, CFA, President


Russ received a BA from Bowdoin College in 1964, an MBA from Columbia Business School in 1966, and a CFA in 1973. He has a Series 65 and is an RIA (Registered Investment Adviser).


In the last nine years, Russ has focused on values based investing, including:

  • Values based research for two years with Values Investment Forum (Patrick Johnson)
  • Values based securities analysis & sales for two years with Stewardship Partners (Rusty Leonard)
  • Values based portfolio management & research for the last five years with American Values Investments (Carter LeCraw)

Recently, Russ became a Qualified Kingdom Advisor by completing the Kingdom Advisors Core Training in biblical financial wisdom for financial advisors, with approval of an extensive application.

Russ created Foundation Financial in 2000. Previously, he did fundamental research and investment banking at:

  • Prudential — private placements and investment analysis, concluding with energy research
  • T. Rowe Price Associates — energy investment research
  • Alex. Brown & Sons energy investment research, energy investment banking, and supervisory analysis

For more background information, see Schedule F of Form ADV (PDF).


Russ received Jesus Christ as his Savior in May 1960 and has sought to follow Christ as Lord since then.  Christian service included Sunday school teaching and active involvement in ministries, such as:

  • Kingdom Advisors — co-founder and co-leader of Greenville branch and upstate leader
  • Crown Financial Ministries — member of Upstate SC leadership team
  • The Stewardship Alliance — member (this national organization focuses on estate planning)
  • CBMC (Connecting Business Men to Christ) — leader in Baltimore and member in Greenville
  • Navigators — member of Church Discipleship Ministries Board and a leader in Baltimore


Russ and Nancy (a musician, home schooler, and Foundation Financial researcher) were married in 1964. They have four children: Laura (a Bible Study Fellowship enthusiast), Ted (a university Bible professor, who is married to Jennifer, an attorney; Henry, age 2, is their son), Sarah (a writer/editor with a Chinese book publisher in Beijing, China) and Andrew (systems engineer at a university, who is married to Jamie, a graphic designer).

Nancy S. Miller

Nancy S. Miller is our bookkeeper, editor, and encourager with a special heart for and interest in biblically responsible investing.

Ruth Arnold

Ruth Arnold is our research assistant. She provides monthly portfolio statistics and works on special research projects.

As God provides financial resources and people with spiritual and professional qualifications, we plan to increase our ability to serve clients by adding to our team.

In addition to Russ, Nancy, and Ruth, Foundation Financial’s virtual team includes:

  • Administration – back office support from BridgePortfolio, and
  • Professionals – independent Christian financial professionals with expertise in: financial planning, estate planning, accounting, estate law, and investment management.